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During one decade working with Outlook application I have a opportunity to saw important changes, a evolution of software, and the last version (Office 365) give to us some great things, like 'View Templates' great resource if you sending the same message regularly, making life easier for users.

After hearing a lot of complaining, my suggest is make users life less complicate: a button to recovery all messages closed, useful when your Outlook close unexpected and you don't have any idea which messages was open, forced to restart your work from zero.

One single button called "Recovery All Items" it's enough, and permit to me explain why this resource is not so hard to deploy, Outlook have a button "Close All Items" and works similar, first how I suppose how "Close All Items" works, :

When a new message draft is open:

click "New Mail" button > 
Outlook.exe > 
Untitled - Message > 
create a @open_messages variable>

When button "Close All Items" is clicked:
close all messages in @open_messages variable >  
save or not pop-up >
close open messages >

New button "Recovery All Items" to open all messages closed for user or when the application crash:
Outlook.exe >
Open New Message >
Set variable @open_messages >
Create temporary file with @open_messages variable in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache\ name like Stream_AvailabilityOptions_.dat >

When user click on "Recovery All Items" after Outlook application crashed:
Import content from file C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache\Stream_AvailabilityOptions_.dat  to @open_messages variable >
Open all messages contained in @open_messages >

I designed the button proposed respecting ux writing and style adopted by the latest version of Outlook app:

Thanks for attention and sorry for the huge post.

Ricardo dos Santos


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Hi RicardoSantos_


Thanks for posting your support and suggestion for Outlook here, it is helpful for better Outlook and more convenient using experience in Outlook, wish you have a nice day:)


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