Q: Windows Outlook 2016 Task Search and Filtering is not working after upgrade to Version 1712 Build 8827.2148

A large number of my clients in Australia are reporting to me that the Tasks module Search and Filtering is not working in Windows Outlook 2016 after an automatic upgrade to Version 1712 Build 8827.2148 occurred today and yesterday. This is affecting all preset and custom Task module views, including the tasks portion of the To-Do Bar... any views that include task filtering just don't work anymore (no filtering). The Search box in Tasks module does not work (any search returns all tasks). Strangely, this is isolated to Australia and nearby countries. The same build works fine in US. If anyone has any clues on this matter a whole lot of people down under will greatly appreciate it.

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Hi All,

Thanks for your all informaiton. Now, please help to update your Outlook to the 1712 (8827.2179) to see if this issue persist.

If you still are experiencing this issue after updating to the 1712 (8827.2179), please feel free let me know.



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