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I am a longtime user of outlook 2007 (windows Vista) and have archived many times.  When I tried to Archive today, I got this error:


 Error while archiving store "Personal Folders". Problems with the source store Personal Folders. Cannot add Outlook-specific information to the store.


I have tried a number of things including running Microsoft Fixit, although I'm not sure that really ran.  I don't seem to have Scanpst,exe on my computer.

My Outlook has two Personal Folders folders - one for me and one for my husband.  This is a longstanding situation and hasn't interfered with Archiving before.

I have 3 Archive psts -- Archive.pst, Archive1.pst, Archive2.pst. One of these was the result of an import of old emails from another computer.

I have tried Archiving to each one of these with the same error result.


I haven't serached for Kb2412171 which some others have indicated may be related to this problem, but that looks like a Kb that wouldn't be recent enough to have caused this problem.


Also I have made no changes to the Outlook setup or to users.


Thanks for any insight.


Marj Weir







When I closed and reopened Outlook it reported that the Outlook.pst file had not been closed properly and repaired the problem itself.  So I can archive again.

I do not know why the file should have been closed improperly. I haven't received any updates that rebooted my system automatically in the last couple of days.

However, I shall not argue with success.

Marj Weir

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