Q: Outlook 2003 will not send messages in outbox

I am having the same problem, of Outlook 2003 not sending messages I compose.  I select "send" on the message itself and it goes to my Outbox.  I did note that unlike what I have seen before, messages that have not been sent are in italics, but the ones now are not.  I select "send/receive" and get the dialogue box that shows sending and receiving, but the message remains in the outbox, and it not sent.

I have no error messages, no limits by ISP, no connectivity issues, as I do receive email that was sent by other people.



Just a final (I hope) follow up on all this.  Just as mysteriously as the problem came up, it has gone away.  Have no idea why but the Outlook 2003 is sending fine now.  I can compose and email, see it italicized in the out box, go back and send it and is on it's way.  Don't know if one of the regular Microsoft updates did it, or not.  Really don't care (at least for now) as all is well in the email department, here at the Joebagadonuts Hogan!

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