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Mail profile keeps getting corrupted

DightHeads asked on

i have one user using office basic 2007.  i went through the control panel and setup the inital profile and user data, all is well.  i can go into office 2007 and it does bring me up to the mail box, however the application seems to hang at the send/receive process. so i exit outlook, reboot the PC and then attempt to go back into outllook, and i recieve the following error:

"you have a previous version of the Microsoft Exchange messaging service.  Create a new profile"

i hit enter and receive:

"Cannot open your default e-mail folders.  The information store could not be opened."

so i delete and re-create the profile, open it for the first time, and here we go again - the send/receive seems to hang - no network activity, so i shut down and *poof*  once again my profile is corrupt...

What is up with this ?

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Srinivasu Guntimadugu replied on

Try to delete the profile keys from the registry and then create new profile and verify the status.

Note: Take a backup of all your Outlook data before you delete the profile keys from registry.


Follow the steps below:


1.       After taking the backup of Outlook data, close all the windows and click on start>run

2.       Copy and paste the below line and click ok

3.       Regedit

4.    Go to the location - HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Windows Messaging Subsystem/Profiles

5.    Right click on Profiles and click export and export the registry key to any known location

6.    Expand profiles folder and delete all the sub-folders

7.    Close registry window.

8.    Restart the computer

9.    Create new profile, configure email account and verify the status.




To backup Outlook data, check GordonBP’s Post in the below link.


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