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As we know, one of the biggest bugs in Outlook for Mac (2016) is the ever-so-annoying repeated password prompt problem. This refers to the constant pop-ups that make it appear like Outlook is forgetting your password every few minutes, etc. The problem was much discussed during the Preview phase of Office for Mac 2016 but never corrected. I did some digging on the forums here and found other threads that covered this problem with slight variances, but the core issue is the same -- credentials are somehow not being stored properly and/or are becoming corrupted during normal operation of the software. List of the relevant threads I found below. This list may not be comprehensive:

It seems odd that a major bug like this remained unresolved after the official release of Office for Mac 2016 and still hasn't been corrected. Per post responses on Microsoft's official Office Blog, they are looking into authentication issues with Exchange Server, but who knows what that means or how long that will take. Based on what I can gather:

  • Bug shows up in Outlook for Mac versions 15.9.x and up, therefore ...
  • Version 15.8 and earlier are not affected.
  • Changing the way you present your credentials can have a positive, temporary effect:

            e.g. username@DOMAIN vs. DOMAIN\username vs. username

  • Most of the problems are with Exchange Server authentication, as opposed to IMAP or POP,
  • Deleting your account and setting up Outlook from scratch sometimes helps,
  • The issue seems to be intermittent, comes and goes.

A ticket submitted by forum member Filip Herman to Microsoft's technical support around early August 2015 indicated that Microsoft is aware of the problem and has a planned fix in progress. Anticipated release date was sometime in mid September 2015. That is over a year old+ now. Scroll to page 8 of this thread for more information. 

I'd encourage everyone to mark this post, indicating that you "recommend this discussion." In addition, it may also help draw attention to this by posting a comment to the official Microsoft Office Blog, where at least one person has commented on this issue. (Update: Microsoft has since removed all the comments from their Office 2016 blog post announcement.) Unfortunately, my company abandoned the use of Outlook 2016 (for Mac) some while back, so I don't have an active platform to test on anymore. However, keep trading ideas here as needed.

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