Office for mac desktop apps are crashing - Outlook not updating

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My office desktop apps are constantly crashing while working in them.

My office desktop apps are from office 365 business and i run an OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

Besides this i have even more problems with the outlook app especially, it is has not updated for 6 days and nothing happens when i press send/receive.

I have tried to uninstall all the apps and install again. I have also tried to clear all microsoft preferences from my computer.

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I guess Allan didn't notice that you already uninstalled and reinstalled.

Please go to the Outlook menu and choose About Outlook. You should have version 15.28 or 15.29 now. If you don't please follow these instructions:


I think the first troubleshooting step to take is: Ensure your Mac and Office have the latest updates. Yes, rarely, an update causes a crash, but the clear majority of the time updating fixes crashes. Here’s how to install updates:


Make sure your Mac has a working internet connection, then:


  1. Update Mac OS X. Open the App store and click on the Updates button. Install the updates.
  2. After, in any Office application go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates to launch the AutoUpdate app. Let AutoUpdate install updates and then restart your Mac.

Up to date and still crashing? Then it's time to start looking at things outside of Office. Usually the prime suspect in crashes (other than failing to install updates) is fonts.


If your OS and software are up to date, I think the next thing to do is another relatively simple procedure: Perform a Safe Boot. It will take a long time for your Mac to start up in Safe Mode. When you do a Safe Boot in El Capitan (10.11.x) or Sierra (10.12.x), Apple's Disk Utility runs and fixes troubles with your Mac's directory and file system. The font cache is emptied. Only a limited number of fonts are enabled. Applications that run at startup don't run automatically. This allows you test your app(s) by running them with a minimal set of fonts, an empty font cache, and without potentially conflicting apps running.


Once you reach the desktop in Safe Mode try running the app having a problem. Is the crash still there?

If the crash is gone: Performing a Safe Boot may have fixed the ailment. Or perhaps one of the fonts that wasn't loaded is bad. Or perhaps some other software utility is interfering. After testing in Safe Mode, do regular restart.


If the crash is still evident in Safe mode, you may still have a bad font. Use Font Book to restore system fonts, then test again in Safe Mode.


If the crash was gone in Safe Mode but returns during a regular boot: I think the first thing to do would be to use a font utility to validate ALL your fonts. Mac OS comes with a free font utility called Font Book, which you can use for this purpose. Get rid of any font that doesn't pass as clean and green. Then, restart your Mac and immediately empty the trash. If you've gotten this far and still have a crash, then there are more things to explore. But if you get this far you've probably gotten rid of the crash. Either way, please reply with your results.

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