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"Entourage cannot open item due to an error. Not enough memory" when trying to access SENT items folder only.

VivianTao asked on
I've seen several posts from a "Diane, Microsoft Mac MVP (MVPs are not Microsoft Employees)
so I have decided to ask my question in this forum.

After extensive research on how to fix my issue, I really need some help now.

Just a few days ago my Entourage 2008 for Mac version 12.3.6 is giving me the error message:

"Entourage cannot open item due to an error. Not enough memory"

All other folders are functioning.

I have nuked fonts. I don't' know who to Nuke emails? Is there such a thing...another string that i was folllowing said something about that but i did not understand the "how to"

I also now cannot delete one JunkMail that says (1) but I cannot actually visibly see it on my viewing pane.

Also after deleting 1000s of emails they also to no appear in the deleted items folder as a number not to the folder name, but I can view them once I click onto the folder.

I have done all that I can, deleting, reorganizing, put message online to see corrupted status, nuked fonts, etc, moved files to external hardrive to free up space even though i have read that memory is not actually the issue, it's just the error you are given.

UPDATE: now the sending and receiving is VERY S L O W.

Please please help! Accessing my sent messages is a huge part of my productivity!

Thanks in advance for you pro help!
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