Q: Cannot create a new Notebook

Hey There,

I am an avid user of OneNote. I just upgraded to 2010 and uploaded all of my 2007 notebooks which worked great and then I uploaded one last file (which wasn't in a notebook) and then it changed the view of everything (taking things out of original notebooks) and now I am trying to recreate the notebooks and put the specific folders into them but it won't let me.

When I try to create a new notebook to my desktop it comes up with the error message of:

"The specified location is already open in another notebook"

Huh? I don't get it. Please help. I need this up and running normal for classes. 




Hey there,

I had the same problem when I tried to create a new notebook.  What worked for me was changing the name of the OneNote file in my Documents folder.  I think it was originally named "OneNote Notebooks" or something like that.  I changed it to OneNote 2010 and now I can create notebooks again within the OneNote application. 

Hope it works for you.



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