Can OneNote be programmed?

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In OneNote 2010,

1.    There is no “Developer Tab” as in other Office products.

2.    There is no book entitled “OneNote Programming” by an search.

3.    There is however an OneNote Developer Center in MSDN. However, I cannot find a development forum.


Can OneNote be programmed? For example, I would like to automate some formatting operations such as adjusting paragraph spacing, as well as controlling fonts and highlighting. How can these done programmatically? Is there a VBA Editor for OneNote? Or should it be done in Visual Studio? Which version of Visual Studio?


And could anyone give link to examples of OneNote programming?




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Bernd P. replied on
A helpful link, I think:

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Exactly what is it that you want to do?

Bernd found more than I did.

There is no "Developer" tab in OneNote, so no VB macro language. But as the article Bernd listed points out there is an API that you can use to access OneNote. One of the linked articles goes into a little detail:

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