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My OneNote (on my Macbook) keeps becoming unresponsive whenever I try to paste information from another document like Word. It started this morning, and is only on the application itself. (It works fine on the online version, but I prefer to use the actual application.)  It lets me copy and paste info from OneNote, but not from anywhere else. 

I did update it a day or two ago, from the prompt of auto-updates. 

Small problem, but really frustrating. Any help will be appreciated. 



Hi Brad,

Thanks for your updates.

The keys are Command + V not Ctrl +V. Moreover ,our related team is working on it. We'll post back if there are any updates.

As this thread is attracting a lot of spam, we will lock this thread. We will still post back if there is an update.

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Hi All,


For others to easily identify the current status here, I’m summarizing the thread as below:


Issue Description:

Customers cannot use right click to paste contents in OneNote 2016 for Mac. When they copy some content from other place and right click in OneNote and select Paste, the OneNote app will hang.



OneNote 2016 for Mac, version 15.38 and 15.39



Use command + V to paste the contents.


Current Status:

We have reported the issue to our related team for further investigation. If there is any update, I will post back as soon as possible.




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