Q: How to Embed Onenote Files into a Website

Hi, community.

I am trying to embed OneDrive OneNote files to my website.

As far as I used, word and excel embed into a web is successful.

However, I could not find a embed option for a OneNote file.

So I tried the other way,

Share->Get a link->add &action=embedview&wdbipreview=true to the end of the link.

The reference is here

And my code looks like

<iframe width="500" height="200" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="”>

Still is a no go.

My web is based on wordpress and based on my search, wordpress does support embed from onedrive.

So I wonder it is because OneNote does not support to be embed for now or did I do the steps wrong.

And if so how do I make it work.




Hi Dayu,

Personal OneDrive has embed button as I show in the initial reply.

OneDrive for Business doesn't have the embed button.

Based on my test, I can cembed OneNote files frome OneDrive for Business with the steps below:

1. Go to OneDrive for Business, select a OneNote file.

2. Click Get link>set the link type to Anyone with this link (this is a guest link)> click OK

3. Copy the link.

4. Then open the guest link in IE/Firefox/Chrome first, after the guestaccess.aspx is changed to WopiFrame.aspx     copy the new link.

5. Create the embed code like below:

<iframe height="500" width="700" src=""></iframe>

6. Please modify the URL with your information and check the result.

If you still cannot embed OneNote files, please provide a screenshot to describe the error message you get.



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