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Updated: 4/27/2017
We’ve got some exciting news! The Editor Pane is now available for Office Insiders Slow in version 16.0.8067.2018. We’re rolling this out gradually to Insiders Slow users over the next couple of weeks, so some of you may not see it yet.

Your participation in the Insider FAST, trying out the Editor Pane early preview, and sending us feedback have all been invaluable for us as we made improvements to this feature. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve fixed some issues related to accessibility and stability. We invite you to try it out once again and let us know if there are any other improvements we should make.



Hi Insiders 

As you may recall, we recently released Editor, a set of new and improved proofing tools, to Office 365 subscribers. We’re received some fantastic feedback on the Editor feature from Insiders. This has been invaluable as we continue to refine the feature.

In order to get more feedback, we’re pleased to offer you a first look at the new Editor pane. This pane replaces the Proofing pane and complements the existing Editor right-click menu by:

  • Providing even more context and explanation for figuring out the right word choice
  • Letting you scan and proof your entire document at once

What's improved?

It's also redesigned from the ground up to be more accessible to people of all abilities. Key enhancements in the Editor pane include:

  1. Showing the proofing issue in the context of the original sentence within the pane itself (that is, it's much easier to reconfirm the original sentence than to hit F6 key and go back to the document canvas).
  2. Ensuring that all contextual information to aid understanding of the issue or to facilitate choice of the right suggestion is accessible via screen readers and keyboard navigation.
  3. Making the interaction model in the Editor Pane more similar to the Right-click Context Menu, so people can comfortably use them interchangeably.

You can get a quick overview by watching this video:

Watch Editor pane feature in action


To see the Editor pane, you must:

  1. Be an Office 365 subscriber on the Insider Fast level
  2. Have Version 1704 (Build 7920.1000) or later installed
  3. The Editor pane is available in languages with, at least, spell checking. Editor-specific Gold flags are only available for English at this time (more languages forthcoming) 

Getting started

To open the Editor pane, do any one of the following:

  • Press F7.
  • Click Review > Spelling & Grammar.
  • Right-click any blue underline (grammar flag) or gold dotted line (style flag), and click See More:

Try the following scenarios

Here are a few things we’d like you to try:

  1. Try it on an existing document, better on a draft document. Open your document in Word and either press F7 or from the Review tab in the ribbon click the “Spelling & Grammar” button, you will be taken to the first issue Editor finds. Fix that one and you will be automatically taken to the following issue.
  2. If you want more information on an issue Editor finds, click See More:

Now is the perfect time to help us improve the way the Editor pane works!  If you hit any rough spots, or if you have suggestions for improvement, let us know. You can leave a comment on this post, or on Twitter, via the @OfficeInsider handle. You can also submit feedback in Word by clicking File > Feedback. We closely monitor each of these feedback channels, so do what works best for you.


Alfredo & team

Hi Team,

Saw the reviews and would like to try the new editor feature but unable to find this feature .

I have 365 subscription on Mac and fast insider on.

Please advise how to access or activate the same.

Have the latest updated version.



Hi Prem,

Thanks for your interest in trying out the new editor feature. This feature is currently only available in Office for Windows and not available for Mac yet.


Michelle V.

Office Team

Hello everyone,

I updated this post as we’ve rolled out Editor Pane to Insiders Slow. Take a look and try it out. We’d love to get your input as we continue to make improvements on this feature.

Thank you!


The new feature of writing assistant in the Editor Pane under the new version 1704 (Build 8067.2115) is very very slow in displaying suggestions. When I say slow I mean very slow.

I can open the editors pain and the word selected will display automatically. However, any suggestions to alternative words with the sound options so to listen to alternative words, takes a full 2 minutes or more to display within the editors pain.

If I type the word “affect” like what is shown in the What’s new video, see link below.

The editors pane on the left, displays NO suggestions with the word “affect “ that has been underlined. In the what’s new video, the word “affect” displays suggestions to why you may want to change the word to “effect” including sound options to alternative words.

Here is a link to the What’s new video that shows the new features, but they do not work as the video shows.


The new version I think has a bug!

Hi there,

I just spoke to Alfredo and he's looking into this now. We haven't seen anything in our telemetry that indicates performance issues but we'll continue to monitor.

In the meantime, can you tell us if the slow performance is only happening when using the Editor Pane? Are you experiencing this issue when using other features or other apps?

What Windows version are you running?


Michelle V.

Hi and thanks for your reply.


I am running Windows 10 home v1607 build 14393.1198

On a Dell pc i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz processor.

I have so for only found the response issue on the editors pane.

The same issue can also be found on a 2nd pc which I'm using. 2nd pc is a Surface Book i7

Both pc's were updated today 19-5-17.

I have also reported this issue on the feedback option within MS Word including screen shots. 

Hope this helps.

Many thanks,


Why can't I "edit" anything in the white box? (ie in the "He decided to..." example you've shown)

In previous Word iterations, your sentence could be edited, but I can't do anything with this.

How do I switch off Editor and revert to the working spell check?

I would like also to know how to switch Editor off. 

I find that the spell check dialog box was a lot faster and suited my field of work. Thank you


This has just arrived for some of our Office365 users and they don't like it and want the option to use only the old style of proofing.

How can we disable the Editor pane completely?



Has anyone figured out how to disable this new feature? I have plenty of users who prefer the old style also.

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