New! 3D in Office now available to Office Insiders on Windows Desktop

Hi, I’m Stephanie Horn, a Program Manager on the Graphics team.

I'm excited to announce that we are rolling out 3D model support in PowerPoint 2016, Word 2016, Excel 2016 and Outlook 2016 for Windows Desktop. We’d like our Office Insiders to get the first look.

Support is available for Office Insider Fast starting in Version 1707 (Build 8319.1000) and Office Insider Slow starting in Version 1708 (Build 8326.2033).

When you look at the Insert tab you’ll immediately see that there is a new button to insert a 3D model.

You can use 3D models to increase the visual and creative impact of your documents, presentations and reports. Easily change the perspective of 3D material with a rotation handle to rotate it through 360 degrees. In addition, bring 3D models to life in your presentations with the Morph transition to create cinematic animations between slides.

Watch this feature in action

Adding a 3D model to your presentation is as easy as adding photo or video. Just go to the Insert tab and you can see the 3D Models button. You can insert the creations you build in Paint 3D, models from the Remix 3D community, and any other models you might have. To learn more about inserting 3D models from the Remix 3D community, check out my coworker Constance's recent post.

Once you insert a 3D model, you can see a new 3D rotation handle to rotation the model to different angles.

Watch this feature in action

Also, check out the new 3D Model Tools Formatting tab. It provides additional functionality like Pan & Zoom to focus on a particular component of the model. The handle on the right of the model zooms the model, and the dragging the model in this mode pans it. There is also 3D Model Views to snap the model to specific views.

Scenarios to try

  • Insert a model. You can build a model in Paint 3D, download models from the Remix 3D community, or use any other models you might have available.
  • Use the 360-rotation handle to update the view.
  • Put the same 3D model on two adjacent PowerPoint slides and use the Morph transition to seamlessly move from one view to the other.
  • Use the Pan & Zoom button on the 3D Model Tools Formatting tab to focus on a particular component of the model. The handle on the right of the model zooms the model, and the dragging the model in this mode pans it.

Send us feedback!

If you have any feedback, just reply in the comments for this post. If you’re in an app, you can also click File > Feedback.

The Office Graphics Team


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Hi John,

I guess that exporting from Solidworks in stl don't give good results, may be more with 3MF.

but from my handerstanding the best is glb ( the binary form of glTF) because OBJ is quite poor regarding texture support and FBX with embeded texture is a little "confidential".

But I don't know if SolidWorks is able to handle export in glTF, and then if you are able to find a tool to convert your glTF in glb..,

I'm in the same case.

I'm confident that importing 3D files in Office is a great step, and also that GlTF(glb) could be the jpeg of the 3D but I guess that some basic tools are missing for non coders or 3D skilled people...


Reply In reply to deleted message

Hi, would really like to test it, but although the build is right, I am not getting the insert 3D model option. It is actually there, but does not show up (I see it when I say customize ribbon). If I try to push the command to a new group, it is disabled all the time.

Any hint?

Hi Folks,

I'm in version 1705 (Build 8201.2200), but when I click over the Update buton, office shows the message that I'm Up to date. Any suggestion to get the 1708 version so I can use the 3DModels feature?


Hi, when I insert a 3d model from 3D remix they are blank or only showing a piece of the model - I am using Windows 10 on latest version of parallels and Office 365. 

Any suggestions?


Looks great with STL models from Solidworks - definitely a useful tool to communicate. One challenge is the fact that STL files can be very large. This seems to translate to even larger document files.

Any plans to expand this functionality to other common CAD-neutral formats (like STEP or IGES)? These are models that we export when releasing products anyway, as this is what we send to suppliers. 



Any idea when this will be available for Mac?  It's a good feature but a lot of infographics designers are on Mac!

I agree, at 100%

I guess that it's completely useless to have this feature on Windows if you don't get it on Mac...

In many companies you get both environment at a time shared by design/marketing/com and industrial/production depts...

Hope this feature arrive soon on Mac too.


Really great feature, thanks a lot!!

I have two "small" suggestions or problems:

I try to build an earth rotating animation. For this, I found a nice model, but:

1.) for rotating with the mouse, it would be great if I could fix the rotation axis, that means that I can only rotate horizontially or at a give angle. Perhaps with pressing SHIFT while dragging with the mouse

2.) is there a chance of an endless rotation? I tried to use morph with 4 slieds and it works fine. But first, the rotation slows down every quarter rotation, and second, it stops after 360°. I'd like to rotate endlessly

Thanks a lot again!

Best wishes



I work for a forensic engineering firm and we are very excited to use this feature to present 3D scans of accident sites and vehicles to our clients.  Unfortunately, I have yet to successfully import a colorized mesh/3D object file into Office.  I've tried every file type that I'm capable of exporting from my software (FARO Scene).  Any tips?  I have some colorized files which display that way in 3D builder, but the texture is not displaying in Office.



As an Office insider I've tried embedding 3D files in a ppt.

all it's fine except 1 or 2 things.

1 YUP vs ZUP

I was wondering if it could be possible to add an option in the importing/placing dialog for 3D.

As you may know there are 2 way to think in 3D either as an architect with Zup or a mecanician with Yup...

It could be a nightmare for every people if they have to take care of this and depending of the originator of the file have to ask changing the world orientation. A single tickable box could be enough if the model is not in the good orientation.

2 allow free view in Diaporama.

Could it be possible to have free 3D manipulation in Slide Show (as well as you have the start/stop for videos)?

I guess it could be valuable for Design Reviews or presentations...

We use Surface Hubs (84") and it's a little frustrating to not be able to "play" with the 3D model on the big tactile screen. (on the other hand it's not possible for now with ppt online) but the day when it will be possible I gues that it could be mandatory.?

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