NEW! Insert Icons in Office 2016

Hi Insiders,

My name is Constance, and I’m a program manager on the Office Graphics team. We're excited to announce the availability of a new collection of icons. Browse through more than 500 icons to find one that suits your purpose, and then edit its fill and outline to match a theme.

Check it out!


If you receive builds of Office 2016 for Windows through the Office Insiders Slow or Fast level, you can now add icons into any Word document, Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation or Outlook email.

Get started 

In any app, click Insert > Icons:

Scenarios to try

Insert icons

  1. Click Insert > Icons. 
  2. From the Insert Icon dialog box, search for an icon, or browse by category.
  3. Insert the icon into your document, presentation, workbook, or e-mail message.

Edit Icons

  • After you insert an icon, use the formatting options on the Graphics Tools tab to change the icon’s fill or outline, or to add a visual effect such as glow or shadow. 

Let us know what you think!


The Office Graphics Team

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Hey Insiders -  

By the way, if you're doing anything interesting with the new icons in your slides or documents, feel free to share screen shots here. This is one of those features where sharing examples can help others envision the possibilities. I've been playing around with the icons myself recently; you can do some pretty cool stuff.

Have fun!



My version of office is 16.0.6925.1048, but I couldn't see this new cool feature.


Please try updating your version of Office to the latest builds. Please let us know if after updating you still don't see icons.



I guess I have latest version of Office installed, and still no Icons.


You are on a lower version from the version which includes the feature. You seem to be configured to be a the Deferred Channel which gets updated at a slower pace and is normally used by companies. Check out this link and you will see your build number, 6965.2115, is listed in the Deferred channel column.

Version and build numbers of update channel releases for Office 365 clients

Or choose the Deferred radio button and the 2016 radio button in this article:

Office 365 client update channel releases

If you like to read technical stuff... its all in here: Overview of update channels for Office 365 ProPlus

But basically it’s a channel that get feature updates at a slower cadence.


Like Constance mentioned you are on deferred channel. You can contact your Admin to see if being on Current Channel and Office Insider is some thing that is possible for you.

Here are the instructions to provide your administrator:

How Office 365 commercial customers can get early access to new Office 2016 features


What would be useful, is Search function, maybe extended if icons are tagged.

I keep receiving the following error while trying to insert an icon or any picture into a Word 2016 document.

I am running Windows 10 64 bit on a PC.Please help, I am helping an NGO in Cambodia and this feature is very helpful to create some maps for the villages we are helping.

Thank you, Gerry

Hi Gerry,

I'm sorry you're running into this error. I spoke to Constance, and she said they're aware of the issue and investigating.

Curious - does it happen consistently? For instance, are you still having trouble today?

By the way, the team was interested to hear how you're using the icons to create maps for the NGOs. It always helps us to hear about real-world customer scenarios. Thanks for sharing that.

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem right now. Same circumstances and the error is concistently happening. :((

Can you help? Are there any news on this problem?

Greetings, Sebastian :)

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