New for Insider Fast: Translate words, sentences, and entire documents in Word

Hi Insiders,

My name is Joshua and I'm a Program Manager on the Office Global Service & Experiences team.

This month, we're excited to be releasing Word Translator—a new Office intelligent services feature that translates full documents and content selections (words/phrases/sentences) right in Word, powered by Microsoft Translator.

Word Translator is available to O365 Subscribers on Insiders Fast, Version 1710 (Build 8613.1000). Please note that this build is still getting rolled out to Insiders, so you may not have access right away. (To Mac customers: we've heard you, and we plan to bring the same Word Translator feature & functionality to Word Mac as well in the coming months.)

We partnered closely with the Microsoft Translator team to bring this to life, and are happy to say that we now support 60 languages for translation. Currently, 11 of these are powered by neural network (NN) translation technology—meaning superior quality and fluency—with more on the way. Over time we plan on adding even more features to Word Translator, including improving the experience of working in a second (or non-native) language. Stay tuned!

(Please note that this feature replaces the older translation features: Translate Document with the Bilingual Viewer, Translate Selected Text with the Research Pane, and the Mini Translator. If you're an admin, and want to learn more about the impact of this update, and available options, please see this support article.)

Scenarios to try 

1. Translate a document. From the ribbon, go to the Review tab, click Translate, and then click Translate Document. (On first-run, you will be prompted to confirm your preferred target language, which will be remembered for future document translations.) Click Translate in the Translator pane, and we will create and open a (new) translated copy of the document.

  • For bonus points, try translating a document containing content in more than one language.

2. Translate a selection. Select the text you want to translate (e.g. word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph), right-click, and then click Translate. The Translator pane will open with your selection translated. As you change your document selection, Translator will update automatically.

  • You can also insert the translation back into the document. (For bonus points, try inserting the translation for a selection that spans multiple formatting runs, e.g. an entire page.) 



All feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated! We're excited to hear what you think. Feel free to respond to this post with your comments or questions, or go to File > Feedback right in Word.


- Joshua & the Office GSX team

please help me update the latest outlook and access to my account 

Hey Joshua

I have another problem that pertains to office and the laptop I currently work on that is my daughter's. She purchased it 2 years ago. At that time she didn't get a pin to open her office andshe has not tried to use it until had a problem and started to use it. Well I can't get onto the word program and I need to use it. I took the receipt to Walmart and they said I now had to purchase an online version. Why? I have the word program and I am really getting disgusted with Microsoft because of this crap. We purchased the computer thinking it had word. Please help!

I agree with her, because I'm having the same problem and I also can't get any of the office programs not even the free ones. Can you please help me with this problem.

Cool! Thanks! Is it free feature?

Great update.

Being unable to speak because of an operation to remove my voice-box (cancer), I am now able to hear my work being dictated back to me. I'm sure with further improvements,  will greatly add to the user experience.

Joan  McCarter   Think  You

I wanted to use the Translator to translate from English to Hindi, but want the result to be in English rendition of the Hindi.

For instance, the word 'go' is translated as 'chale jao'.

Can this be done with the new Translator?

Thanks for your help!


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