Unleash Creativity with 1000s of Royalty Free Stock Images, Icons and Stickers

Hey Insiders 👋

This is Craig and Aimee from the Office Media Group and Office Graphics teams. We’re excited to release Premium Creative Content to bring your documents to life! We hand-curated 1000s of gorgeous royalty-free stock images, icons and stickers for you to use in your personal and professional projects, all accessibility in a new in-app Content Picker. Enjoy!


The new Content Picker is available to Office 365 Subscribers on:

- PowerPoint / Word / Excel / Outlook on Windows PC: Version 2003 (Build 16.0.12624)

- PowerPoint on Office Online

- SharePoint

Coming soon in FY20 to MacOS and Word Online.

Note: The full library of creative content is only available to Office 365 Subscribers. Perpetual users (Office 2016 and 2019) will not see the new Content Picker, and Free Office Online users will only receive a subset of creative content.

Getting Started 

Navigate to Insert Tab > Pictures > Stock Images.

This will launch the new Content Picker, containing 1000s of high-quality stock images:

… we also bundled the Icons in here. You’ll notice we doubled the library and added a new monoline style:

… and Stickers!

Not sure what you are looking for? Discover content using our popular search suggestions to help inspire your hunt! 

If you know what you’re looking for, our search functionality is tuned to get you there quickly. Our content library is well tagged, helping surface great results and even covering that occasional spelling mistake in your query. 

More Creative Content Coming!

Stay tuned as we continue to refresh the library with more content and even new categories of creative content in the upcoming months. We hope creating beautiful documents sparks joy with the library of Premium Content at your fingertips.


We are actively working on this feature in Office, and your feedback is key to guiding improvements. Let us know what content or styles you’d like to see!

Use Send A Smile in the Content Picker window to let us know what you think, or reply to this thread. 

We read and appreciate all feedback 🙏`

With Love,

Craig & Aimee

This is so awesome, Craig and Aimee. Thank you.
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Today, I confirmed this features on my Insider Slow, Monthly channel (Targeted). Ver.2003(12624.20442) included this features, too.

You are missing the last part of the build information. I have 365:

Microsoft® Word for Office 365 MSO (16.0.12624.20348) 32-bit

But the Pictures button is not a drop down. It goes directly to the Open dialog in PPT, Word and Excel.


Oops, I missed the "hi insiders" on my first read.  Ignore me

PS: I REALLY hate that features depend on build and channel. Same build number can have different feature sets.  This is too confusing!

Doesn't seem to be available to this 365 subscriber in Australia. Any hope of it arriving soon?
It should be available to Insiders WW. It will be coming to Production soon.
This sounds great, but why isn't it available for Publisher? I use it all the time, but it never gets any love from Microsoft. :(

Yes, Publisher does seem to be an ignored orphan child. But it is part of the "Office Family", so you should be able to use the feature in one of the other apps, and copy/paste the results into Publisher.

Unfortunately, the "Office Suite" is a marketing name for a grab bag of programs that. There is a little overall co-ordination, but each program is worked on by a separate teams of programmers.  Their managers decide which features are implemented and how.


If you want a "new" feature added to a program, submit a "feedback" to MS.

Send Feedback to MS Developers .

“Official” MS does not pay much attention to this forum. However, you now can send your complaints and feature requests directly to MS developers and managers using 1 of the 4 possibleFeedbackmechanisms described in this link (1 Windows specific, 3 for both Win and Mac):




Please post a share link to your feedback, back here, so other people who find your question will be able to vote for it and add their comments to it.


Collection of MS “UserVoice” web links:



MS Feedback article, says basically the same thing:





Looks amazing... how do i get it?

i'm an Office 365 Subscriber, but my "pictures" doesn't have a drop-down menu. How does this feature get updated?

thank you

Make sure you have the most up to date Office update.

New features are rolled out in a "controlled" manner, so not everyone gets them at the same time. Strangely enough, even people with putatively identical installations (same version and build numbers) sitting side by side in an office may not both get the new feature at the same time.


Be patient, it will show up eventually ...


If you are impatient, try doing Office repair a couple of times.


If that doesn't work try uninstalling and re-installing, a couple of times.

Can you confirm that these royalty free images are clear to use for commercial purposes?

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