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Hi Insiders –


My name is Derek, and I work on feature development for Office 2016 for Mac. As promised, we have just released a significant update for Insider Fast participants. Build is 16.6 (171001) -- updates can sometimes take a day or so to reach everyone in the program.


In addition to some long-awaited improvements and features, we’ve updated the architecture of the product, so these early builds may be a little rough around the edges. We need your help putting them through their paces!


What’s new?


These features are available to those of you with an Office 365 subscription in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:


  • Real-time co-authoring and AutoSave for OneDrive and SharePoint files. Changes are automatically saved as you work, and when you co-author with others, you can see their changes as they work.
  • A new Share menu makes it easier to share files that are stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.
  • PowerPoint QuickStarter is now on Mac! Powered by the Bing Knowledge graph, QuickStarter reinvents the deck creation process by building a presentation outline to help you get started researching a topic of your choosing.
  • New and modern chart types: Say hello to Waterfall, Funnel, Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, Treemap and Sunburst-six powerful charts that help you quickly visualize common financial, statistical and hierarchical data.


The following feature is available to everyone:


  • We’ve updated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Some additional methods, properties, objects, and enums available to Windows Office users will now work on Mac as well. There are still differences between the Mac and Windows Object Model, so you will still see “not supported on this platform” for some elements. More details on the Object Model changes will be available soon.


With a big update comes a new version numbering scheme. Starting with today’s build, you’ll see Version 16.xx instead of Version 15.xx whenever we release a new Fast build.


And More

You can find more information about the new features (and known issues, if any) in the Office 2016 for Mac Insider Fast release notes. More news is coming in an update to the Insider Fast channel, we’ll share details soon.



To send feedback or report issues:

  • In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, click the :) Smile button in the top corner of the app.
  • In Outlook, to leave feedback or report issues, click Help > Contact Support.


Thanks to all of you using Insider builds of Office for Mac!


- Derek, on behalf of the Microsoft Office for Mac team

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Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. As someone who works in a place that has a large mixture of Macs and Windows machines, I appreciate the effort to create feature parity between the two flavors of Office. 

Could you provide Fast Insider builds direct download link?

Because the download speed is super slow in China Mainland networks. State blocked many foreign CDNs. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback! I've passed it on to the team.

Only problems I've encountered thus far is outlook not displaying signature images once my recipient receives it. 

I do like seeing the autosave feature introduced onto the Mac side. Is there a reason why this can only be done on OneDrive?

Bill, I sent you a private message. (Look for the Envelope icon in the blue bar at the top of this page.)
Thanks, Derek. Is a more detailed change log available for Excel? I've noticed that a few keyboard commands/shortcuts have changed, and/or they're not functioning (e.g. autosum). 
Hi Tim, thanks for your feedback! Regarding keyboard shortcuts in Excel - yes we are tracking an issue there and are making some fixes, an update in the near future for Insider Fast will have improvements. We don't have a full log of all changes, but you can learn more in the Excel link from my article.
Anything new on OneNote? The Release Notes seem to be outdated, per usual. 

How do I downgrade to 15.xx. I am unable to locate uninstall guidance.



I have already filed an issue via the Feedback button and Microsoft support:

When pasting an Excel range as Worksheet object into a PowerPoint slide, the entire original Worksheet is copied and not just the selected range, possibly leaking sensitive data.

How to reproduce:

Open new presentation. 
Open new Excel workbook. 
Type "This data should not appear in the linked sheet" into cell D4, enter data in range D9:F10. 
Select range D9:F10. 
Press Cmd-C to copy range. 

Switch to PowerPoint. Right-click on slide, choose "Paste special", then "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object"
The selected range is displayed as an embedded object.

Double-click the table -> A copy of the entire worksheet is opened, including cell D4

This is all on Fast Insider Build 16.6.171004

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