SharePoint Online (SPO) Preview Features: Introduction & Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use preview features in production?

Public Preview features should only be used in a non-production environment.

Q: Is SPO preview the same as First Release?

The Preview Features setting isn't related to the first release option, which allows you to receive new updates and features as they become available. If you're interested in signing up for that, see Office 365 release options.

Q: Is SPO preview features enabled by default?

The setting is enabled by default. More information on Enable or disable preview features in SharePoint

Q: How do I toggle SPO preview features on or off?

The Preview Features setting in the SharePoint admin center lets you enable or disable integration with other services. The setting is enabled by default. More detailed information and guidance on Enable or disable preview features in SharePoint

Preview Feature: Idle Session Timeout with SharePoint and OneDrive

This feature will be disabled by default

Idle session timeout provides an Office 365 administrator to configure a threshold at which a user is warned and subsequently signed out of SharePoint or OneDrive after a period of inactivity.To enable it, the admin would need to run the PS script shared here.

Private Preview Feature: Multi-Geo for ODSP

This feature will be disabled by default

Support for multi-national organizations to collaborate as one while meeting data residency laws. Multinational companies that have offices around the world often have needs to store their employee data at-rest in specific regions to meet their data residency requirements. More information here

Does this apply to GCC tenants?

For our customer, "Disable preview features" is selected and the radio buttons pictured are themselves disabled (grayed-out) and the setting cannot be changed...

Jim Duncan - MCM
This setting is disabled in our GCC tenant and it's greyed out. How do we enable this?

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