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miken2019 asked on
Just trying to activate word on new PC and I get this message
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Boatqueen replied on

Using product key worked

I also got this message. Tried to sign in via Excel, Word, Powerpoint, all with same result.

Then went onto the My account page at This acknowledged that I had purchased the product and the date I had installed it.

Then I noticed under the "Get Started" section there is a link to reveal my product key -this is not the same number (although starts with same letters in my case) as the number on the scratch panel of the card that I got when I purchased the product in a shop.

Then I returned to Word, selected Activate, got the sign in dialog box, and this time instead of inserting my username and password I chose activate via product key instead. Copied the key from the page, pasted it into the field, and it worked!

Summary: get product key from, use that instead of user name and password to activate the product.

Good luck!

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axorth replied on

Ughh, I can't activate my MSDN office. It keeps getting this error:

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