Cannot activate account error code 0x107

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Cannot activate account error code 0x107
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Activating it online didn't work for me...but what did work was going to the, going to My Account, and then clicking on the license I had previously added online (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016).

Then there is a little hyperlink called "View your product key". When I clicked this it was NOT the same product key I had originally entered when confirming my license. However, when I typed this new product key in to the Word app to activate it, it all seemed to work.

I'm not sure why this new product key that is associated with my license is different to the one I originally entered, but it seems to work for activating the offline app, when the original key did not.

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Try activating your Office by using a different Application, that is If you are trying to activate word use excel instead.  See this thread: error message 0x107  Please us know if it works for the assistance of other users with the same problem.  Also, make sure the time on your computer is set accurately.
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