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I have purchased a new Laptop with WIndows 7 64-bit. 

I have installed Office 2003 which is working fine, except every time I open an application (e.g. Word, Excel or Outlook), I have to accept or decline (if I decline the application closes) the Microsoft Office End User Licence Agreement. 

How can I stop being prompted for this every time I open an application?



I had the same problem.  Here is my work around.

1.  Open up the C: drive.
2.  Click on "Program Files (x86)" and then "Microsoft Office" and then "Office11".
3.  Scroll down until you see the Excel .exe.
4.  Right click and select "run as administrator".  Accept that user agreement one more time and you'll never have to do it again.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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