Ctrl-End and especially Ctrl-Home gone wild in Excel

Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End is working perfectly in Word.  I have used them both for as long as I can remember in Excel, with no problem whatsoever, but in the last while they have gone wild.  I have Sticky Keys set to off, so it doesn't seem to be that.  Home behaves like Ctrl-Home every time.  End doesn't move the cursor anywhere.  Ctrl-End goes to the last used cell on the right in the same row.  HOWEVER, Ctrl-Home (whether pressed at the same time or holding down Ctrl and tapping Home) does random things - such as behaving as Home should and going to the first cell to the left in the same row - sometimes on a second pressing it goes to the top left cell - sometimes it goes to the bottom right cell.  These keys work perfectly on my computer at work, but not on my computer at home (suddenly). Somewhere I found that something like this happens in End Mode and to turn off End mode you press End.  My Status Bar said that I was in End mode too.  However, when I pressed End normally (or for 5 seconds) it didn't make any difference.  When I turn Scroll Lock on, Home-End sometimes works, and Ctrl-End "sort of" works (despite deleting empty columns, it goes somewhere near the bottom right corner, about 6 columns on), but I find Scroll Lock inconvenient.  How can I get this back to normal?

Thanks for any help.


You have the Transition options enabled.  Go to Options and turn this off.  In Office 2003 it was ALT + T + O to get to that screen.  I don't have 2007 in front of me, but if you do this key combination it should get you to the right screen.

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