Q: Copy Chart from Excel 2016 16.x for Mac, paste to Powerpoint: VBA fails, UI works

Here is a workbook that shows three methods for doing Copy/Paste between Excel and Powerpoint, all fail for me.


Thanks to Rich Michael's reply to my other post on "Excel for Mac 16.10 VBA error in Chart.Export" I have another method to investigate, involving saveas html and then retrieve the images from the .fld folder. But I want to put this specifically copy/paste error on record with its own thread.

As Rich says, "The ability of interoperation control, from and to, any of the Mac Office applications also is broken. Please use the Smiley control and send frowns to Microsoft on the issue. This is really important, they need to hear why this is needed, otherwise it stays low on the priority list."

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Hi P O'Beirne,


Thanks for sharing your insights. About copy Chart from Excel to PowerPoint for Mac, I suggest you try Opening PowerPoint>Insert>Object>From the Excel file.


Meanwhile, for your concern, We suggest providing feedback to our Office 365 General UserVoice.

This is the best way to make our products and services better for you and others.


Thanks for your understanding.




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Sorry this didn't help.

Virgil Wu, I provided that workbook to demonstrate the problem.

It is NOT helpful to remove the link.

If you read the subject line, it says UI works and VBA fails, so I already know about manual UI ways of doing it, so your suggestion is irrelevant to my need for a VBA method. If you want to be helpful, reproduce the bug and propose some VBA solution, and even better bring it back to the MS team.

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We've notice that this thread has been idle for a few days. May we ask if the issue has been addressed already?


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No, Alden, it has not. Neither have all the other threads about Chart.Export failing. Subject lines are:

Excel for Mac 16.10 VBA error in Chart.Export 
Excel for Mac 16.9 (180116) Bugs: 1) Form fields in Graphs not saved to image. 2) VBA Chart exports fail with error 5. 
Mac Excel 2018: Export function on Chart object failed

Here is the demo file again, the link that was so unhelpfully removed by Virgil Wu:

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Thank you for your response. It seems that your concern was misrouted to Excel for pc users.  We'll be referring your concern to the proper queue.

For the meantime, we suggest checking the articles below regarding Excel 2016 for Mac

Create a chart in Excel 2016 for Mac

Create charts on a Mac

For any other concerns, don't hesitate to get back to us.


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What do you mean, "misrouted to Excel for pc users"? This forum is named "Office  / Excel  / Mac  / Office 2016 for Mac".

As to your suggestion that I check articles on *creating* a Chart, I suggest you read my first Q:post again.

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Hi P O,

It's obvious that Virgil and Alden do not know enough about Microsoft Office to understand your question, much less answer it. I suspect they are young and overeager and really want to help, but they dove in over their heads.

Thank you for re-posting a link to your example workbook.

I am able to reproduce both issues using version 16.12 build 180320 and will send your workbook to the right people at Microsoft.

I'm going to suggest that you join the Insider Fast program. When you post questions about Insider builds please use the special Insider forum. Insider support is handled by the Excel team instead of general support. When you send feedback using the Smile button on Insider Fast, the messages goes directly to the Excel team.

The risk of using Insider Fast has gone down substantially now that the general release is on the new code base of version 16. There are some major changes coming, though, so there could be some rough builds. Just keep sending feedback because the turn-around time on bug fixes is drastically less on Insider Fast than any other track.

What is Office Insider? - Office Support

][ MVPs are volunteers who don't work for Microsoft. MVP program info is here:

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Thanks very much Jim. I'm on Slow Insider and had been thinking about asking how easy it was to revert if a Fast Insider broke Excel. If it's just a matter of reinstalling from a previous downloaded update, I'll do that.

I'll reply to the other thread on the html method.

Update 29-March:

Version 16.13, build 327

shp.copypicture puts nothing on the clipboard that PP can paste

shp.copy can be followed by Edit > Paste in PP and that pastes a picture

but not oSlide.shapes.paste from Excel

but I can inject a sub into PP VBA containing "Activepresentation.slides(1).shapes.paste" and that works.

So I might do it that way.

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UserVoice is for new feature suggestions. This is not a new feature: its failure is a BUG.

Using VBA to paste Excel charts into PowerPoint is not a new feature. It works reasonably fine in Windows, and it used to work fine in Excel 2011 for Mac. But it is painfully broken in Excel 2016 for Mac.

Jon Peltier
Peltier Technical Services, Inc.
MS Excel MVP 2001 to now

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Excel 16.14 180429 and Powerpoint 16.14 180430 now accepts copy of Excel picture and Powerpoint VBA shapes.Paste

First paste is slow - Excel waits for an OLE Action - but after that it's OK.

Excel. copypicture still does not work, so I'm going via a pastespecial copy of a chart as a picture in the worksheet.

Progress. Time for a smiley.

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