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Why do I lose mouse scroll control in a worksheet?  It makes no difference where I click, the scroll just doesn't work.  So far, I have not been able to make this happen in another spreadsheet.  Up/Dn arrows work fine.  After fishing around for the scroll bars, they work.

The sheet has a list of values that are projected into a chart.  When I first open the worksheet and use the mouse wheel, I see the chart jump (refresh?) a very small amount and stop.  I wonder if this links to the problem.

The sheet now contains a macro but this was happening before a macro was added.

I have not found any other program or spread sheet where the scroll doesn't work and the system has been rebooted several times for other reasons since this was first observed.



It looks as if there is going to be no remedy here.  Once they "fix it" in a new version, they don't work on the old problems....   Upgrade is about the only answer.  

I agree with the paragraph double space problem though.

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