Q: Why I am getting run time error '53' file not found: solver32.dll in Excel 2016?

I am running Windows 10 and have Office 2016 installed.  When I attempt to run a solver in Excel 2016 I get the following error message: 

microsoft visual basic
run time error '53'
file not found: solver32.dll

I have tried the following fixes to no avail as well: 

making the solver add in unavailable, restarting the computer, and making it available again

Changing/Repairing Office 365

Uninstalling and reinstalling Office 365

Can someone please help me fix this annoying problem?



Good news! We have released a couple of fixes related to this issue with the Solver32.dll file, caused by the initialization of Power Query and Power Pivot. Please update to the latest version of Office and let us know if you continue to encounter any issues.


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