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When I moved an XL spreadsheet w/hyperlinks from one folder on a shared drive to another folder on the same shared drive the hyperlinks in the spreadsheet did not work (same spreadsheet) in the new folder.  Message said 'Cannot open the specified file.'  If I edit/recreate the links it works - is there a reason or quicker fix than editing each hyperlink? 




Hyperlinks are sometimes stored as relative to the folder that contains the workbook.
When you move the workbook those relative hyperlinks break.

Try moving the workbook back to where it was before and setting File > Properties > Summary > Hyperlink base to\\NoServer\Nofolder  or some other non-existent location.  Then the hyperlinks you create will be relative to that location - in other words they have to be absolute paths. You can then move it back to where you want it to be and try the links again.

I have given this advice before; I believe it works, but no-one has yet confirmed it to me.  Please let us know if it works for you.

Bill Manville. Excel MVP, Oxford, England.
Microsoft Excel MVP, Oxford, England.

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