Q: excel 2010 - SOME formulas not updating either in manual or auto setting.

I'm stumped as to what to do to fix this problem.  I have a super simple spreadsheet and one row of repeated formulas is up not updating.  Here it is: =j23/j21 .  (No, it doesn't matter if there are ()'s there or not.  Same outcome, or, lack of outcome, really).


I have other formulas that are updating fine.  The one above links to these formulas and nothing is changing when I alter the basic inputs.


I've read a number of answers about ensuring the setting is on automatic and, if not, using F9 to manually force the updating... problem is, none of this works!


If I can't trust it to do something this simple, what am I going to do when I get into complicated spreadsheets?  Looking for help before I head to google docs....





Ensure that Calculations is set to automatic.

File -- Options -- Formula - Calculation options -- Automatic

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