Q: Cannot resize Excel window

I have an Excel document which cannot be resized.  This document has a frozen pane

-The resolution of the window is ridiculously tiny

-When I put my cursor over the lower right drag area to resize, my cursor changes.  When I drag and then release, window stays the same

-The green OSX maximize window button on the top left corner is disabled

-In the View tab, it is locked on Normal. 

-When I try to switch to Page Layout, I get a message that frozen pane will be removed.   I click yes, and the document remains in Normal mode

-The option to remove the frozen pane is disabled

-All the Window -> Arrange options from the menu do nothing

-When I go into full screen mode, Excel covers my screen but my document remains tiny.

Any ideas?




What ChKrBTB said is right (or at least worked for me), though in my version of Excel it was under Tools > Protection > Unprotect Workbook.

The Review tab in the ribbon which offers Protect functionality did not seem to do anything that was going to help, though on recreating the problem, the Protect Workbook had a grey background. My recreation of the problem appears that the Workbook was created, with at least Protect Window selected, which locked in the size and such.


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