A list of excel 2016 issues on a mac

Let's forgo the niceties. Excel 2016 for Mac is an abomination. I have been mistified by the issues I have run into. I have posted a few here and there, but I wanted to create a new discussion that takes a more holistic approach. At first I thought that the issues I was experiencing were so fundamental that certainly they would be fixed in the next update. But updates have come and gone and the issues remain unaddressed. Thus I have created the following list of grievances in the hope that someone at MS will see it and think "wow, we really have a problem here". 

1. Scrolling. This problem has been documented since the very beginning of the beta. The scrolling in excel is very choppy and gets hung up at certain points. For me, this is especially prominent when scrolling from row ~300 to the top of the file. Often my view will get stuck at around row 100 and no amount of scroll wheeling with make the view go higher. The only way to get back to the top of the file is to drag and drop the scroll bar. 

2. Scroll bar invisibility. The scroll bars in excel take the trendy new approach where they hide when not in use. This would be fine, if they didn't appear and disappear randomly when in use. About 50% of the time they will appear right under your mouse and then disappear when you click so you click the cells below instead. This is particularly prominent in the left to right scroll bar. 

3. Auto propagate. The double click lower right corner auto propagate feature at times will turn off. This is the feature that is created when the cross hairs turn solid black. This feature will just shut off and not be possible until a restart brings it back.

4.  Cursor offset. The cursor position at times will get an offset error. When this occurs the actual cursor position will be nearly exactly 1/2 row higher. It is always this offset. I have no experienced any left right error only up and always by 1/2 a row. 

5. Formula bar select all. Select all does not work in the formula bar.  

6. Formula bar cursor location. The cursor in the formula bar shows up in random locations. Sometimes its in the middle of a character. Other times it appears to be on one side of a character, but no, its on the other side so you start typing in the wrong place. 

7. Series input location randomizer. When changing the series in a plot or equation that is on another sheet the calculation of the equation will send you to a random location in the sheet. IE, lets say a formula was being entered that was A1 in the current sheet multiplied by A1 in the second sheet in the file. You select both cells and hit enter. BAM! You are teleported to cell AB354 which does not even exist in your sheet yet. 

8. Edit window scroll issues. When the edit window is open to the right and you scroll you will be teleported way to the right of your file. Usually about 100-300 columns. 

9. Lag. When entering numbers on a larger file there will be a consistent lag drop of your first character. IE, you might type 100 but only 00 get entered. Oddly waiting does not fix this. If you put a long pause between clicking a cell and actually typing the first character will still be dropped. 

Well, that's what I got for now. There are other things I am forgetting so if you too hate office 2016, please add them below! 

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