Excel iPad: virtual trackpad not working as expected In text box

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When you create a text box in Excel for iOS and type in text, you would expect that the virtual trackpad (from iOS 9) would work correctly to quickly move around the text box and select text. 

But it it does not work as expected:

- suppose the cursor is blinking at the last word in the box, if you tap the keyboard with two fingers to call it up the trackpad, the cursor jumps to a random other place in the text box, instead of staying where it is as expected

- when you move the cursor around with the trackpad, the cursor should move around and cling to the characters, while there is a second cursor (like a mouse pointer) exactly follows the movement of the trackpad (see picture how this looks in Word for iOS). In Excel, only the first cursor clinging to the characters is shown, which moves around in a jerky fashion. Adding the second cursor helps with precision. 

You have already fixed this in Word. Could you please fix this in Excel (and PowerPoint) as well? 

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