Q: How can MS Access 2013 Runtime access the spell checker of the installed MS Office 2013? This thread is locked from future replies

1) Installed MS Office 365 Business (most current, Version 15.0.4727.1003, which excludes MS Access 2013) on all our Windows 7 office computers, and spell checking works in those MS Word installations.

2) Then installed MS Access 2013 Runtime application (most current, Version 15.0.4569.1506), and successfully ran our home-grown application without using spell checking.

3) BUT, when attempting to check spelling (using F7 key), Access Runtime returns the error:

"XXXXX can't start the spelling checker because it isn't installed."

???) What must I do (from my development license of Access 2013, or on the Office clients) for my Access Runtime app to invoke the spelling checker installed with the licensed Office clients?

Maybe run the Repair option of the Office setup program? If it's not installed or broken, that may help.

Programmatically you invoke the spell checker using:
RunCommand acCmdSpelling

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Thank you for your suggestion, but the problem remains.

1) I ran the Repair option on the Office and the Access setup programs.

2) Coded the RunCommand acCmdSpelling.

Access runtime still complains that "the spelling checker... isn't installed."

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Problem SOLVED!

Following a tip originally posted by "epiek" on on 6/19/2014, I downloaded and installed the free Microsoft software called:  SharePoint Designer 2013 (sharepointdesigner_32.exe).  SharePoint Designer is apparently the missing component that provides the sharing of Spell Checking between Access 2013 Runtime and MS Office 2013 Business.  The "F7" key remains inoperative, but my button that invokes DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSpelling now works as intended.  Thank you.

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