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access 2013 won't open or offer to convert MDB files

DonLeverton asked on

OK, I was one of those that *really liked* Access 97 and continued building small apps using it despite having paid for newer versions.

The biggest reason for this being the wealth of code samples and API's available thru the Access Web and the ACCKB97.HLP files.

(position your mouse on a keyword, hit F1, and voila!)


As they say, though ... "All good things must come to an end."

("They" being Money$oft, that is ...) <smile>


I've just installed Access 2013 (Office 365 Home Premium) and have discovered that the option to convert the old MDB files (front-ends with forms, code, reports, etc) is no longer provided. MDB's can still be used for linked "back-end" (data only)


Luckily, I still have Access 2007 installed ... so I can convert those apps to .ACCDB (which isn't always a pleasant experience either)


So, I guess my point is that, given that A2013 is using the same 2007-2013 file format ... it appears that Microsoft is simply forcing users to abandon the older versions? Yes, I do realize that Access 97 is celebrating it's 16th birthday, but it seems to be an unnessecary complication at this point in time.


Are there more "modern" sources for code examples (KB.HLP) available anywhere?

I'm now an "Access Guy" trying to learn how to use VBA with Excel. Also Access Web Apps.
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Yes, unfortunately, you are correct which is why I have Access 97 thru 2013 loaded.  While the file format changed with Access 2007 it truely changed with Access 2013.  I am sure this is because of the web functionality that was added.  Access 2013 is very picky.


P.S. Re: Website... Thanks for the kind words!

Gina Whipp
Microsoft MVP (Access 2010-2015)
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Kevin McCluskey replied on

I have "laundered data" through excel 2013 as follows

open excel and select the "data" tab.

select "from Access" and then copy the path to the data sourse from under the "connection" tab.

Then select the "provider " tab and then select "Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE db provider"

Then select "Next"  (dont select "OK") and paste the path into the database name field (or browse to it) Then select "OK"

This should get an Import Data dialog box and you can click ok to paste the data into excel

good luck

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