ControlTip text does not always show when On Mouse Move event used

I have a form that uses pages. On the Committee page I have several command buttons each with ControlTip Text defined. None of the command buttons except for the second icon (two squares with a '+') use the On Mouse Move event. When I open the form and hover the mouse over the second icon the ControlTip does not show -- even after over 20 seconds of hovering. Screenshot below. (The screen capture does not show that the mouse pointer is actually a hand on my screen because I inserted a space character for the Hyperlink Address. But this is irrelevant.)

Yet if I hover the mouse over another icon the controltip shows, and when I come back to the second icon the controltip becomes almost immediately visible:

The code in the event handler selectively displays a message in the status bar:

Private Sub imgAdvCommiteeCopy_MouseMove(button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)

' Reports on the number of records in the clipboard when the student IDs match.

' The mouse pointer turns to a hand because the space has been entered in the control's Hyperlink
' property.

Dim nRecords As Integer

On Error GoTo ErrHandler

nRecords = DCount("*", "tblTmpClipboardCommittee", "[STUDENT_ID]='" & Me.STUDENT_ID & "'")

If (nRecords <> 0) Then
  StatusBar (nRecords & " records in the committee clipboard")
End If

  On Error Resume Next
  Exit Sub

  DisplayUnexpectedError Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source & ": imgAdvCommiteeCopy_MouseMove"
  Resume CloseUp

End Sub

I am using Office 2013 see the issue under Office 2016 as well.

Does anybody know what is going on? Thanks.


I don't know what "tech support" you were talking to, but AFAIK MSFT does not have any tech support for Access at this level. Nor can they be expected to. Especially not for free. Sorry, but that is just the way it is in 2020.

What you did was exactly right: do some detective work and present a pointed case for a bug. The Access MVPs lurking here will pass that on to MSFT if they believe there is indeed an issue. That happened in this case. Don't expect an immediate fix (e.g. in the light of but if it is on the TODO list, that's a win.

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