Office Mobile apps for Windows 10

Today, we are announcing the availability of the Office Mobile apps on Windows 10.  Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and OneNote are touch-first mobile apps designed for on-the-go productivity.  They are available today on Windows tablets. With regards to OneNote, in addition to our offering on Windows tablets, OneNote, is preinstalled on Windows 10 devices of all sizes and fully free for consumer use.

On what devices can I use Office Mobile apps for Windows 10?

Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile are available for use today on small tablets running Windows 10.

The OneNote app is preinstalled on all Windows 10 devices and is available for use for free.

Note: To use the basic editing features of Office Mobile apps, you must be signed into your Microsoft account.

How do I get the Office Mobile apps?

Word, PowerPoint and Excel are available for download from the Windows store.  OneNote is pre-installed and available directly from the Operating System.

Will the Office Mobile apps run on Windows 8?

No. The new Office Mobile apps run on Windows 10 only.

Where can I get support for the Office Mobile apps?

For self-help information, please click the links below:

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why is that office on iOS and Android allows some basic editing features as well in addition to only viewing files and Microsoft's own platform 'Windows 10' doesn't allows to edit some basic content without office 365 subscription???

Word, Excel, PowerPoint Mobile for Windows 10 are free on tablet with screen up to 10.1" right? I should be able to open, create and modify documents. So, why on my Asus T100ta theese apps asks me an office 365 subscription??

Mine is Acer Iconia W3 (8.1 inch). Just got it upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday. 

The Excel Mobile keeps asking me for office 365 subscription.

I wonder how Windows defect what kind of device (tablet / PC and size)??

Probably something doesn't work.

I bought a Lumina 640 with a year Free subscription to office. I recently updated to windows 10 and seem to have lost some of the office and associated apps. Help
10.1 yes that's what we all thought but I have seen a moderator on windows blog replay in comment section saying your device has to be <10.1" so anything 10" or less which seems wrong to me as most tablets are 10.1". Maybe some one representing Microsoft can comment.   
hmmmm.... I think they should say it more clear....
Have a win8 Asus 10.1 Tablet updated to Windows 10. As i run office Mobile it asks me office 365. Free does not work for me

I bought Office 365 personal

But with Lumia950xl and contiuum i have still "basic editing features " is it normal or I should have more functions?

(for example the paint on menu is grey: paint if between insert and formula on the menu on continuum, i dont' know the exact english word in italian is written "disegno" (paint, draw) and i cannot use

there is not any wordart, 3d shadow in the forms etc etc

One year later and still no one officially said if the subscription is required for editing in a mobile phone with Windows  10 mobile (of course with screen smaller than 10").

I have Lumia 950XL, and editing an excel or document ask for "Upgrade" to a subscription of Office 365, is this a bug? or what?

Two year later and still no one officially said why the subscription is required for editing on Windows 10 tablet with 10.1" screen!?

On Windows store is saying that editing is enabled on 10.1" or less.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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