Office 365 on Windows 10 not using Windows default printer


Ran into an odd one.

Client was complaining that every time they tried to print from Office 365 the default printer was “Microsoft Print to PDF”

I thought… just change default printer… Wrong!!!

Remoted in and saw the default printer was set properly…

But no matter what I tried office insisted on printing to wrong printer.

Bit of Background…

New win10 machine with a fresh install of office 365.

During setup after install I turned off the Win10 “Allow Windows to manage my default printer” ß This turned out to be critical

And manually set the default to the office copier…

Everything else used this as default except Office 365…

After doing a lot of reading (lots of other people having the same problem)

And solutions ran the gamut of Delete all your printers except the one you want to use.. To use gpedit to force it…

None of these really worked…

Finally in Desperation I Turned “Allow Windows to manage my default printer” back on and then opened a document in Word and had it to print to the correct printer….

Then turned “Allow Windows to manage my default printer” back off.

Reopened Word and tried a print job… ok.

Rebooted and tried another Office 365 print… OK.


So It looks like Office 365 is ignoring the default printer and remembering the one that is set by “Allow Windows to manage my default printer” even though that has been turned off!!!



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