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The problem I wrote in about, I have solved, but I want to inform that a problem exists with software processes/software provided by Microsoft. The problem was that my outlook email account, a personal account, did not finish set up but I had completed the full procedure for establishing a new Outlook account. I didn't know that a setup problem existed, as I had been sending/receiving email for 1 week when I opened Accounts in Outlook 2019 and found the yellow exclamation point and the error notification below my email address.  Below the error is a Fix Me box.  I click the Fix Me box, I am asked to log in, I log in.  The screen returns to the Account screen, showing the same error warning and Fix Me box, but nothing is repaired, there are no messages or even hints given about the cause of the error.  So, that is when I called in for assistance.  I did now know at the time that Microsoft set up with Windows and with Outlook 2019 are flawed and completely responsible for the error.  (Please bear in mind I provide phone support for internet/phone/intelligent home products for Spectrum Communications for the past 10 years).  

Here is what transpired.  I have a new ASUS Zenbook, Windows 10 home, MS Office/business 2019. 

When I started the Zenbook the first time, I began setting up Windows 10 home.  I  was asked if I wanted to set up a new email account and I replied yes; however, the procedure to set up a new Outlook email account failed to complete so a message displayed indicating that the email account could not be completed at this time, so I selected skip, and finished Windows set up.  Afterward, I created a new Outlook account use my browser, then I installed and set up Outlook 2019.  Outlook 2019 automatically set up my email account *** Email address is removed for privacy *** without any problems at all.  At that point, I was sending and receiving emails without any indications that a problem existed, as far as I know.  

I discovered the error in Outlook 2019 when I had looked into Account.  Then I called support because the fix me box did not work.  

The first agent I chatted with sent me a ling that opened Outlook live com.  When opened Outlook Live, my inbox displayed 2 emails, but overlaying about 1/2 of the inbox screen there was a window containing (like a) a grocery list of 5 items with circles to the right but only the first item on the list had a check inside of its circle.  The five items were Set up, Import contacts, find help, get add-ins, choose your theme, and below the list there appeared a Progress bar indicating 20%.  Here, I want to interject that I had no idea these setup items were not completed.  Furthermore, this window did not contain any instructions, not even a choice to "continue".  At this point, I was still in the chat engagement with your support agent and I described the screen.  The Agent was not able to tell me that I needed to click on the next item to continue through the procedure.  You site left both me and your agent thoroughly confused about how to proceed.  Why was this procedure not completed when I set up the email account in Outlook 2019 during set up?  Then the chat agent provided me a link to a Windows support agent who was also unaware of what I needed to do to complete the Outlook Live set up process.  Then I was given a link to MS Office support, but I had to leave for work.  In the meantime, I discovered that by clicking on the consecutive circles in Outlook Live and finishing set up, that I had cleared error which appeared in Office 2019, Accounts.  

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