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To allow to specify colon or semicolon separator when you export a spreadsheet to CSV format, whatever are your locale.

Reason: if I have to send the CSV to a user in another country, I want to be sure he/she can get the spreadsheet by double clicking on the CSV file, rather than importing it and specify its default separator.


To add an ASIS data format that keep the data exactly as they are, with no attempt to parse or interpret them.

Reason: currently there are a lot of number-like data that should be NOT interpreted as numbers but loaded exactly as they are. For example: international phone numbers using the dot as a separator, as +39.333.345.3456; EAN and ISBN numbers; special codes that looks like scientific notation, as 23E07; tax codes in specific countries, as 1234561234 or 1237,67895; IP numbers, as; and so forth. Often numbers-like values are in columns that are intended to contain text, so that it is NOT possible to specify a specific format for the whole column, but the data should be taken as they are, whatever is inside the cells. Text format does not work in this way: data are still interpreted, for example, in cut & paste actions. 


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