Classic Spell Check Dialog - Macros to use to get classic dialog rather than Editor

Some people prefer the Spelling and Grammar check dialog from previous versions of Word to the Editor introduced with Word 2016.

Two reasons are:

  1. They want to check selected text rather than the entire document. (later corrected - see Dec. 2 post below)
  2. When checking grammar, they want the option to check next sentence.

Here is a macro that checks spelling and grammar using the classic dialog box.

I am not sure what the effect of options in the Proofing Options will have on it.

It checks selected text or entire document. When done with selected text, asks about rest of document.

I include an IF to check on the version. I do not know how the ActiveDocument.CheckGrammar would work in earlier versions. Probably will be OK.

The new Editor, as of this writing, will not check just selected text. The classic dialog will.

Word Version 1901 (Word 2016/2019/365)

Sub ToolsProofing() 'SpellCheckDocumentClassic()  Intercepts F7 keyboard shortcut
    'Charles Kenyon  26 February 2019
    If Application.Version < "16.0" Then
    End If
End Sub

The following (launching the dialog) did not work in versions 1901-1903.  It is working again using later versions.

Sub SpellCheckDisplayClassicSpellCheckDialog()
'Macro created by Stefan Blom, MVP, September 2018
    On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Instructions for Installing Macros from Forums or Websites by Graham Mayor, MVP

See Using the Classic Spell Check Dialog Instead of Editor

Naming the macro ToolsProofing intercepts the F7 keyboard shortcut for spell-checking but does not change what happens when you right-click on a misspelled word. Thus, pressing the F7 key with selected text gets you the classic dialog while right-clicking on a word with a red underline gets you the new Editor.

Intercepting events like Save and Print

Thank you Charles - it now works again!  Was this MS enabling the Dialog in the latest version?
Both macros are working in Version 1910.
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Charles Kenyon
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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