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Can't open Office docs from SharePoint 2013 Intranet

ScottNester asked on

I have a company of 26 employees, all running Windows 7 x64 on one of two Dell laptops. Myself and one other person are having an issue where we can't open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files directly from a SharePoint 2013 (on site) server. If I click to open an Excel file, for example, I'll see the splash screen and a message saying "contacting the server for information." After 20 minutes or so, Excel will fully open and tell me "sorry, it can't open the file, listing the path".

I've repaired, then completely reinstalled Office 2013 with no change. I've reset IE11 to it's defaults with no change. I've deleted the OfficeFileCache folder in Safe Mode then restarted with no change.

I've logged in to an identical laptop and had no issues opening files, so it has nothing to do with the server, permissions, or site permissions. The one coworker with the same issue is in completely different AD groups than me. Our laptops are identical and were created using the same image that most of the company has been using.

I can delete file and upload files from this SharePoint server. I can open PDF files in the same folders and sites without issue.  The server has been fully updated and restarted. We're physically located in the same office as the server. If I use Chrome, am greeted with an option to download the same files. This works, but it defeats the purpose of having an Intranet.

Has anyone come across this before? I have found nothing useful online as most instances show this issue with Outlook. I have no issue opening Office documents from other sources.

I'm completely at a loss for a solution.

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