Bad font rendering in Office 2016 part 2

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After trying all the various posted workarounds to get rid of fuzzy Outlook 2016 font, from Clear Type to DPI settings to registry hacks, etc., I finally stumbled onto something "obvious". I have a Lenovo T470 laptop, wife has a Lenovo X1 Yoga. Both have same screen size/resolution settings. Looking at her Outlook, it's crisp and perfect - I noticed that at the bottom RHC of her screen, the "Zoom" function is black and it works. On my screen, "Zoom" was grayed out and did not function. Weird. We finally observed that I had the Reading Pane turned off (options are Right, Left, Off if memory serves). I don't use the Reading Pane so never thought about it. Upon turning the Reading Pane on, two things happen immediately:  (1) Zoom is now functional, and (2) as you resize the Reading Pane, the Inbox emails scales automatically. When resizing the Reading Pane bigger than the Inbox (about 2/3 to 1/3 ratio), suddenly the Inbox fonts look fantastic. The email title fonts get larger and the font is just plain crisp all around - that is, they look normal!!! Not sure why I couldn't find such a simple explanation earlier, I'm sure someone has posted it. But wanted to share this simple observation that has completely fixed my crappy Outlook font situation. For reference, I wasn't having font issues with the other Office 2016 programs like some others, but I suspect that if I do run into it, it's just a matter of making sure the Zoom (scaling) is enabled and adjust it. I wish MS didn't over-think this so much.


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