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Hello.  I set up audience targeting but it's not working as expected.  I enabled audience targeting on a SharePoint 2013 site then added the Content Query web part to the site. On Show items from the following list, I selected a document library from the parent site.  Under Audience Targeting I selected Apply audience filtering.  Then I went to the document library at the parent site, edited properties on a file and entered the SharePoint group name that the user is a  member of.  The content query returns no items.  As a test, on the Content Query web part I selected Include items that are not targeted.  Then I can see items appear in the Content Query.  Why can't I see targeted items?  The user name that is a member of the SharePoint group is from Active Directory.  Thanks for any help!

Hi Yvonne,

Please see if you can, to configure an Audience, create a new SharePoint Online group directly at https://[SITE COLLECTION URL]/_layouts/15/groups.aspx and add yourself into it.

And, we would like to further confirm a few things to understand and narrow down the situation.

1. To be precise, are "I" and "the user" belong to the same group, or are you referring to the same user?

2. Check whether any items will show if you check Apply audience filtering.

3. Based on your test, you mentioned you "can see items appear", are the appeared items the one without or with Target Audiences?

4. Try go to another Library or List and configure the same. We may see if the case is related to the list.

5. Could Audience be configured and work properly for other feature in the site collection? You may temporarily create an Audience in a Structural Navigation link to check it and let us know the results.

 Go to Site settings > under Look and Feel, Navigation > choose Structural Navigation for Global Navigation or Current Navigation > at Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting, select a link > Edit... > configure an Audience.

Feel free to post back.

Best Regards,

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Sorry this didn't help.

It seems to be working now.  I kept playing around with all the parameters on the Content Query.  One thing I had set incorrectly was "Limit the number of items to display" (I un-checked that).  

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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