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What to do when your phone does not connect to a Wi-Fi network

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This article will attempt to clarify some often occurring cases concerning connecting to a Wi-Fi network with your Nokia phone.


Usually the reason why your phone does not connect is one of these options:


    • The phone returns a ‘Invalid server name’ message.

This usually is the result when the router does not recognize the phone as a valid network device. To resolve this first check for and install a firmware update for your router, reset the router and try again. If the message persists you will have to enter the phone MAC address (the address the router will recognize the phone Wi-Fi interface by) in the device list on the router manually. You can find your phone MAC address by dialling the code *#MAC WLAN# (*#62209526#).


    • The phone returns a ‘Connection failed ‘ message.

This message, in general, is caused by one of three situations;

      1. The router is operating on a frequency not supported by the phone
      2. The router is operating on a network speed not supported by the phone

In both these cases the reason why the connection fails is because the router has one radio which can operate at either 2.4 MHz or 5MHz which are the two frequencies used in current Wi-Fi setups. When the phone has 2.4 GHz hardware and the network operators with another device a 5 GHz the radio on the router can’t switch between the two for obvious reasons.


The same goes for the connection speeds. Most any phone will be able to connect at the 802.11 b or g speed, some can also connect at the n speed. While most routers support all three they can only be active at one speed at a time. So if you have say a laptop connected a 802.11n you will not be able to connect a phone which can only connect at 802.11b or g speeds


In all these cases you should either set the router to only connect at the lowest common frequency or speed or replace the router for a multi-radio model which will be able to connect to a combination of frequencies and speeds.


    • The router has no more free wireless access points available.

Generally routers can connect a finite amount of devices through Wi-Fi. For less expensive routers this can be only two or three, more expensive models can connect hundreds.


In all above cases, check the router manual for its specifications or contact the router manufacturer support for this. You should usually find this information on their website.


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