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Series40 phones and VoIP

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This guide will concentrate on the open SIP standard based VoIP, because S40 does not have Java APIs to build closed system VoIP solutions (such as Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz ...)


Nokia maintains a list of the S40 phones that have built in SIP VoIP capability in the firmware.


Configuring the phone for VoIP usage


There are three different ways how to configure VoIP in use in S40,

  • Using the built in setup wizard which can be found from, menu>settings>connectivity>internet tel.
    • The list of VoIP service providers differ based on which country you are located in.
    • If you cannot find your VoIP service provider from the list, but know the SIP details for it, choose "sip settings" from the provider list and fill in the SIP details
    • Some operator branded firmware have crippled setup wizard so that it's empty



  • Manual configuration requires following steps,
    1. Download settings example (XML file) compatible to your S40 phone
    2. Download wbxml2 tool
    3. Modify the XML file to suit your needs
    4. Use the xml2wbxml.exe (from wbxml2 tool) to convert the XML file to wbxml format and rename the.wbxml to .prov
    5. Scan and connect your phone over Bluetooth to your PC
    6. Send (OBEX PUSH) the .prov file to the connected phone. 

There exists a free tool for the manual configuration called n0kVoIP which makes the process easier.


Other tips

  • Default call type (i.e.. What happens when green button is pressed) can be change in menu>settings>call>call type settings. Setting it to GSM only, will disable VoIP for registering to the service.


  • If the phone supports VoIP v72, v81 or v92 then VoIP works only over WiFi. If the phone supports VoIP v104 then VoIP works both over WiFi and 3G. 


  • SIP URIs can be added to the contact in phonebook by adding 'internet telephony' detail into it.


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