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Nokia Windows Phone 8 App Updates

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There have been a number of threads reporting that users have been unable to see Nokia application updates, hours or even days later. Unfortunately, there is no way to force the Windows Phone Store to force to check for updates manually. This has presented a problem for the Nokia app updates, as they are Nokia-exclusive and cannot be searched for in the Store.


However, there is a solution with QR codes, and the steps to update Nokia apps for Windows Phone 8 are provided below. The QR codes are provided in the links below as Attachments that you can click on quite simply:


1. Press the Search hardware button on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Device and tap on Vision.

2. Hold the camera viewfinder up to the screen to focus on the QR codes provided below.

3. If successful, a small thumbnail of the QR code along with a description of a web link will appear on screen.

4. Tap the web link and it will take you to the Store to update the Nokia app.



The QR codes are for the following applications that have been provided in the Store by Nokia:




Motion Data:







Call+SMS Filter:














Storage Check:







Nokia Account:














Device Hub (previously Accessories):







Rate Us (previously Feedback To Nokia):




Access Point: 





Network+ (previously Calls + SMS):







Extras + Info:


















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