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How to use your Nokia phone as a modem for PC

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This post explains how to connect your PC to the internet using your Nokia phone as a modem.



1.Nokia phone with 2G or 3G modem funtionality.

2.Unlimited data plan.

3.Nokia PC Suite.



First, install the latest version of the PC Suite from here.


Connect your phone to your PC via USB or bluetooth(Pair it with your PC first).


Open Nokia PC Suite, if no phone is found, click on settings-add new phone and follow the instructions.


Now establish an internet connection using one touch access.



Before connecting to the internet, click on settings tool and ensure the proper settings.




Select your operator from the list or add it manually.  It is highly recommended to add it manually.



Get the correct access point name from your operator for manual configuration.
Wrong access point could incur huge data charges.



Now click connect tool to establish the internet connection.



Congratulation, now you just have connected your PC to the internet.


Next time when you want to connect again,

just double click on your phone modem name in networks from notification area.



On Windows 7 you can see



On windows 8 you can see




You can also do the following to avoid few more clicks.

Open properties of Nokia USB Modem and uncheck the following under options tab.




Important note: Please change the access point once you change your network operator.


Thanks for reading.

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