Why am I being required to take the latest Developer Preview Program update?

Mike Mongeau asked on

This update contains our usual scope of fixes and improvements. We’re requiring this update so we can continue to test our update systems. The update will show as a "critical update" on your phone. 

Taking this update will get you to the latest build that we offer for the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program. This update will automatically install 72 hours after it’s been downloaded—or you can install it sooner. If you want to opt out of the program or do not wish to take this update, open the Preview for Developers app on your phone and clear the Enable Preview for Developers check box.

If you have any issues while taking this update, please let us know in the comments below. Reply with the following information: 

  • Error or problem you are experiencing. Include repro steps, if applicable.
  • The make and model of the device.
  • The OS Version and firmware revision on the device. This can be found by going to Settings > About and tapping the More Info button.
  • (Nokia Devices Only) The Manufacturer Name and Mobile Operator values. These are located under Settings > Extras+Info.

My team and I will be closely monitoring your feedback. Thanks for being such great participants! We're here and we're listening. 

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shoey5 replied on
As is obvious form the replies to the 8.10.14192.280 build, it would be really cool if MS started posting  detailed change logs with all it's Developer Preview updates. It would be beneficial to both users and MS to confirm fixes, validate changes or test new feature additions. Not to mention, for some of us, it makes for great/interesting reading material :)
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