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Update was downloaded but could not be opened (80188309)

I've downloaded the WP8.1 update but it can't be opened. 
Spits out the error in the title after download and preparing for a while.

I've tried several times and also rebooted the phone.
Could not find anyting on this particular error on the site.
I have 1.5GB left of storage so no shortage.

Any advice is appriciated!




Update:  We have collected enough device specific information. You do not need to provide any additional details at this time.  Thank you!

Thank you everyone, please continue to provide your specific device details if you have not done so already.

We are looking into this issue further, and I hope to provide more information shortly.  Please continue to watch this thread for further news.

-Eli A.

Support Delivery Manager (SDM)
Windows Phone/Xbox Music Community Manager

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