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Baldwin471 asked on
I've had my 8X for a couple of days, and it's been having multiple reboots. Lots of people over on WPCentral seem to be having the same problem (

Pretty sure it's a software problem as have seen people complaining of the Lumia 920 doing the same thing.

Seems like Microsoft rushed WP8 a bit. 

Any idea if there is a fix in the works? It needs to come quick, because these reboots are getting on my nerves.

Also, my 8X has serious problems picking up audio. Whether it's through a call or when recording video, the device is almost unable to pickup my voice. I have to put the mic right next to my mouth and speak much louder than usual to get it to recognise me.

Anyone else with this problem?
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Chris B Kirchner replied on

hello guys i'm back.

after months, finally a solution that works for me. simple but working

i installed the 2nd SIM card that was send from my provider together with the main card, but it was the normal format, so i had to cut it to MICRO SIM Format and it sits tight in the simTray

good luck further with your probs guys. 

now i love my 8x :)

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Eli A. replied on

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.  We are actively investigating this issue further and will continue to update this thread as we have more information.


Thank you again,
Eli A

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