Q: What is "Other" under Storage?


Just wondering. Got my HTC 8X today and started to setup everything (switched from WP7 to WP8) :-) and after a while I checked the storage to see whats on the phone and found that next to Pictures, Video, Music, Apps and System there is a category called "Other" which already blocked 1.25GB of storage. So I am wondering, what that could be?!

Emails? nope, nothing on the phone.

Documents? Nope, nothing on the phone.

Could it be Games? Not sure, as I thought those would be listed under apps.

So if anyone knows.... share your wisdom and let me know please! :-)



In Windows Phone 8 Update 3, we've made improvements to storage categorization, so files that were previously categorized under "other" in Settings > Phone storage > Phone are now included in named categories. With Update 3, you shouldn't experience most of the storage issues described here, and you'll only see the "other" category in your SD card storage (if your phone has an SD card slot).


For latest info, please check out the "Other" phone storage FAQ and Windows Phone 8 update central.


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